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Film & Video Production

Video Production

Katina Productions has produced a number of projects on video in formats from 2k to 8k. We have been involved in complex multi-camera shoots dealing with cooking, wine manufacturing, and a prize-winning chess instructional video. We also have expertise producing corporate sales videos, public relations and event presentations.  Katina Productions has also provided crews experienced in all formats for domestic and foreign companies in need of simple ENG situations and VNR productions. We are fully equipped to complete and edit films and projects in any format required – all the way to VFX and sound mix stages.

Specialized Services

Katina Productions has strong co–production ties with various countries and can provide crews, production and post–production services abroad both in film and video (NTSC, 24 frame and PAL). These offices are in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Austria, France, England, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, Japan and others.

Film Production

Katina Productions has extensive experience and is very active in the motion picture business, both in the theatrical and non-theatrical fields. We produced (as August Films) a number of feature films, industrial and documentary projects in 35mm, 16mm and Super 16mm. Our expertise takes us from conception of a project, through scripting, budgeting, through the filming stage and the post–production process to a complete release print.