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Audio Description Services

Katina Productions is proud to provide a range of services that help make film and video productions accessible for all to enjoy.  In addition to Captions and Subtitles, we produce Audio Description (AD) tracks. Audio description tracks are quickly becoming a requirement of video on demand and streaming services.

What is an Audio Description (AD) track?

This track allows the blind and the visually impaired to hear a description of the action on screen. The Audio Description track is played in conjunction with the dialogue.

Who requires an Audio Description (AD) track?

Broadcast and streaming services operating in America and other English-speaking territories such as the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand among others.

How are Audio Description (AD) tracks produced?

The process includes writing the Audio Description script synchronized to the film or video presentation.  The descriptive script is then narrated to picture and recorded. The Audio Description track is then edited and prepared so that it mixes well with the actual audio mix of the film.

Who started the Audio Description (AD) tracks and where do they come from?

Although additional audio tracks were produced by PBS for children programming a long time ago, Audio Description (AD) tracks are relatively new in the broadcasting of movies and VOD (Video On Demand). Starting around 2016 NETFLIX began by adding the track to expand its services for the blind and the visually impaired. In doing so it established a rigorous set of standards for those producing content.

If you are in need of an Audio Description track, please contact us to for a customized price quote.